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Nick Kyrgios: ‘I never wanted to be like Roger Federer’

Nick Kyrgios won a thrilling match last night against Alexander Zverev, prevailing by 6/3 6/7 6/3. In press conference, the Australian player was asked about the episode in the sixth game of the third set, the first point when eventually Zverev got the break and Kyrgios called the challenge. ´It was a tough situation.

 Obviously not the way I wanted to win the point. The ball was ultimately out., challenged a bit late, Alex is a bit frustrated, and I don´t feel so good. I mean, ultimately the ball was out and wasn´t really close.´
Speaking about his next match against Roger Federer, Kyrgios said: ´Obviously he´s the greatest player of all-time, but the way that he takes time away from players, that´s his strength.

 He likes to play his pace of tennis. He likes to take away time and play aggressive. He obviously like to play really aggressive on return. Likes to get through his service games very quick. Serve and volley. I know what´s going to be coming. I´ve played him before. In saying that, he´s playing incredible at the moment. He´s had a great year. 

Obviously coming back from injury last year and winning the Australian Open, winning Indian Wells, he obviously looks very healthy and is moving very, very good. I´m not going to think about it too much at the moment. I got a whole day ahead of me where I can sort of just relax. I´m going to not do anything big. I´m going to serve big and play big. That´s my gamestyle that I´ve had success with, so that´s what I´m going to bring.´

Q. Roger said earlier when he was young and young on the tour he was playing against players he saw and watched on TV. How much did Roger have an impact on you? Did you watch him on TV?

 Did you say, Wow, I want to be like him?

NICK KYRGIOS: I don´t think I ever wanted to be like Roger. Obviously when I played juniors, even before that when I was playing tournaments, under-12s, under-14s, I would be seeing him on the TV all-time on the advertisements playing. It´s pretty surreal for me still. I was watching Gaël Monfils on TV.

 I went to Jo Wilfried Tsonga´s practices when I was 12 years old. So it is still pretty surreal to see those guys in the locker room and me being next to them in the locker room, playing them, beating them. It was only four years ago where I was watching him on TV. I mean, yeah, it´s a weird feeling obviously being out there and competing against him. Yeah.´



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