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Johnson: Kohli frustrated because he hasn’t scored a run

Former Australia fast bowler Mitchell Johnson feels that India captain Virat Kohli is frustrated because he hasn’t been able to contribute with the bat during the first two Tests against Australia.

In a column on, Johnson wrote that Kohli is letting emotions get the better of him.

“He’s [Kohli] obviously quite passionate, but I just think he’s frustrated because he hasn’t scored a run and he’s letting his emotions get the better of him,” penned Johnson.

Johnson and Kohli weren’t exactly on the best of terms during the former’s playing days for Australia and the left-arm pacer pinpointed the Melbourne Test in 2014 as the moment where things escalated between the two.

“It reminded me very much of my playing days because, well, I had a few run-ins with Virat. To be honest, I think it was every time we played. He hasn’t had any time for me since the Boxing Day Test in 2014, when he finished the day saying he had no respect for me,” wrote the 35-year-old.

“The moment that changed everything was when he blocked a ball back to me and I threw it back at the stumps, seeing Virat was out of his crease and thinking I was a chance of a run-out. The only problem was that Virat was in the way.

“He got hit in the back and I apologised straight away because it was a complete accident, but that message didn’t seem to get through. There were plenty of verbals after that and he hasn’t really stopped since.”

Having scored just 40 runs in four innings so far in the series, Kohli will look to produce an improved performance in the third Test in Ranchi which begins on Thursday. The series is currently tied at 1-1



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