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India vs Australia 2017: Virat Kohli bashes Australians despite Smith apology

Just as it appeared that things had calmed down at the end of an intense four-match Test series, Virat Kohli dealt a final parting blow that is sure to sting the visitors for a long time to come.

India’s skipper Kohli had been at the thick of the action during the course of the series, whether he was on the field, injured, or off it.Extra cover:

 Kohli likely to miss start of IPL 2017Australia’s skipper Steven Smith, who had a fabulous series with the bat, was gracious in defeat – 

The context The Aussies made sure the hosts knew they were up for the battle when they won the first Test in Pune comprehensively. 

Things started getting ugly during the second Test in Bengaluru when Smith’s DRS ‘brain fade’ took the focus away from a fine win for India.In Ranchi, both the teams were guilty of mocking each other after Kohli’s shoulder injury became the focus of the game. The fourth Test saw some very competitive cricket, but nothing untoward, except a discussion between Jadeja and Wade, with both parties settling it amicably. 

No one expected the backlash from Kohli in the presser that followed.The details Kohli made sure the visitors knew what he thought of the treatment that was meted out to him during the tour.

 On the face of it, it appeared that the Indians gave back as good as they got, but by the skipper's words, you can be sure that there was plenty that wasn't caught on camera.He was also vilified by the Australian media.

First, he made it to the 'Vettel of the week' contest in Australia where they vote for the biggest sports villains, and later, he was likened to Donald Trump. While he sat out the fourth Test, he certainly made his point at the very last second during the post-series press conference between the captains.



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