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Hockey Player Loses Part Of His Finger After This Slash From Sidney Crosby

Viewers probably didn’t think twice about Sidney Crosby’s slash on Marc Methot during Thursday night’s hockey match between the Pittsburgh Penguins and the Ottawa Senators, or at least until Methot removed his glove.

Crosby wasn’t called for a penalty for his hit to the Senators defenceman hand, but Methot immediately got in his face and had to be held back by officials.

WARNING: This video contains graphic content.

Nobody realized why he was so upset until he removed his glove to reveal the tip of his finger, bloody and dangling from where it used to be attached.

Methot skated off the ice and didn’t return to the game. Ottawa coach Guy Boucher didn’t sugarcoat the situation afterwards. “His finger is destroyed. It’s shattered and he’s out for weeks.”



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