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Hero Indian Open: 2016 Asian Tour Order of Merit winner, Scott Hend

Q. Thoughts about the course?I think the course is much better than what it used to be. It’s very challenging, it’s a very good course. I think first and foremost, you need to know wher eyou’re going to hit your tee shots. I think the greens are quite simple after what I played last week n Mexico, You just have to hit it in the right sectors, it’s good.Q. Happy with your form?

My form is very sketchy. I’m not playing really well, I’m still searching for a driver which is a big thing for me You never know, I’m here this week with a goak. I need to make up another four or five spots to get into the WGC Match Play in a couple of weeks’ time. That’s pretty much the reason why I’m here.Q. Is wind going to be a factor?Someone told me it’s not going to blow! Today was really blowing but I’m told it’s not going to blow the rest of the week. But if it does blow, it’s going to be really difficult.Q. What are the changes you’ve noticed on the golf course?There’s about 100 feet of soil being put into 16, 17 and 18. 

Before it was very flat. And now there’s so much soil there and it’s totally different. You just wonder how on earth have they moved so much soil to out here. 17 and 18 are totally different. 16,, 17 and 18 are going to provide a very demanding finish.Q. What’s the story with the driver?My driver broke at the DP World last year. The shaft came loose and I re-glued it. And all I kept hitting was snap-hooks. Now I can’t find a driver which actually performs the way I want it to perform. I’ve not been able to get used to the equipment, I’m still working on it. Q. Thoughts about the Masters?First things first, if I can get into the Match Play, then I might get a chance to get into the Masters. Last week, I sort of ruined it for myself as I didn’t handle the course very well. There were a lot of world ranking points up for grabs there and I managed to get zero.

 If I can have a decent finish here and get into the match play, then possibly I can force my way into the Masters.Q. Do you know what you need to do to get into the top-64 for the Match Play?I’m 69th right now I think. I haven’t seen what points are up for offer. I pretty much think a first will certainly get me there.Q. You’ve played all over the world, how’s the journey been?I’m always learning every day I just appreciate being able to play golf and in all the places I can play golf. It’s a privilege which I don’t take lightly. It’s something that I enjoy doing. If I can’t play somewhere, I’ll play somewhere else. I’m not picky about it. As long as I can play golf for a living, I’ll play anywhere. I’m never picky.Q.

What drives you to do that?Trophies…Q. After the best season of your career, how do you move forward?Win…Q. How do you see the local challenge this week?I think it’s going to be tough for these guys too as I’m not sure how many times they’ve played this golf course. Lke the Delhi Golf Club and Jaypee Greens, they’ve played those courses a lot but this is diffferent. They’ve not playe here 100 times or 150 times, they’re leraning like we are. Obviously, Anirban is a class player and SSP, who plays in Europe, can play great golf. You never know wen Arjun, Daniel or Jeev will show up. 

There are a couple of other guys lurking there and trying to get to the next level.Q. What’s going to be your go-to club this week?Hopefully the putter the least and maybe the two ron quite a bit as the fairways are quite firm and there are a lot of downhill shots where the ball is going to run out. Q. Why is Australia producing so many good young golfers?It’s quite surprising. We now have the world number two and we had the world number one and world number four. We pretty much have three events which is quite absurd as we have so many good players but not as man tournaments. It’s surprising that our players re flourishing as there not many opportunities anymore.So tey must be doing something right in the coching system with the amateurs By having the world number twoa nd orld number five, all the guys are looking at the top players and aspire to get there. 



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