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Hamilton request to Mercedes F1 team denied by Wolff

There were some who thought the retirement of Nico Rosberg might calm Lewis Hamilton down somewhat, yet before a wheel is turned in anger the bi-polar like nature of Lewis Hamilton’s pronouncements is clearly set to continue – with or without his nemesis.

Less than two weeks ago, Hamilton caused a media stir when he revealed he’s asked Mercedes AMG F1 not to share data amongst the drivers this year.

“I go out, do my laps, do all my homework, [and] the other guy can see everything,” said Hamilton. “I have asked my team. I don’t want to see my team mate’s”.

Clearly this was not a unilateral offer of generosity by Hamilton to his new team mate Valterri Bottas because Lewis continued his lament the advantage being given to his team mate in greater detail.

“But because of this data [sharing] they can just copy you. ‘Oh he’s braking five metres later there, I’ll go out and I’ll try braking five metres later’.

“So that’s what I really dislike, because it enables them to get closer.

“That’s what I loved about go-karting; you weren’t able to do that and that was where just your raw talent is able to shine.”

Ironically there has been an impression spread abroad by those who have worked with Lewis at both Mercedes and McLaren that it is he who benefits more from the sharing of data amongst team mates. Rosberg was often categorised as the ‘cerebral’ one of the Mercedes pairing – with Lewis more akin to one who drives by the seat of their pants.

This suggestion by Hamilton that Mercedes should no longer share data in the garage was dismissed quickly by Toto Wolff. And in the modern world of F1 this course of action would be unthinkable.

Following the 2016 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix antics of Hamilton, Toto Wolff felt is necessary to publically criticise the Brit’s attitude and behaviour. “Undermining a structure in public means you are putting yourself before the team,” he said. “It is very simple, anarchy does not work in any team and in any company.

It may be Lewis has again had his ear tweaked by Wolff, following his suggestion that Mercedes team mates should no longer share data, because speaking to Lewis now has this to say about Bottas.

“I feel we already have a better working relationship than I ever had with any teammate I had before.

“He wants to do the best thing that he can in his first year with the team – and with me being here for quite a while now, I want to deliver and make sure that I give as much information so that he will learn”.

This will be surely the first of many more flip flops from Hamilton this season, who appears to swing between a mind-set of persecution when he feels the world is against him – and one of pure joy when all things are going his way.



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