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Chris Bosh ignores Heat’s olive branch, report says

Chris Bosh may not be ready to end his playing days, but he will likely have to try and play somewhere other than Miami.

The Heat are expected to waive the forward soon, but the team's attempts to reach an "amicable resolution" with Bosh have not been returned, according to the South Florida Sun-Sentinel.

Even though the Heat have been eligible to waive Bosh since Feb. 9, they have likely delayed the move due to a provision in the collective-bargaining agreement that states if a player has a life-threatening medical issue and returns to play for 25 games (regular and postseason), his salary counts against the team's cap.

Since a player waived after March 1 isn't eligible to play in the postseason, a team will not be able to claim Bosh and have him play more than 25 games this year.

Bosh has been sidelined since Feb 9, 2016 with blood clots, one of which was in his lungs. The blood thinners he is on make it more dangerous for him to a play in a physical sport like basketball.

The ploy by the Heat may have left a bitter taste in Bosh's mouth, hence the silence on his end regarding the amicable resolution."

Even though he hasn't played in over a year, Bosh is adamant he is healthy. He indicated on TNT's "Players Only" show Monday night that he has been training and is ready to play.



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