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Carmelo Anthony hints at one thing that will stop him from accepting a trade

There are a ton of rumors hypothesizing where Carmelo Anthony will eventually end up.

Now that the New York Knicks have made it pretty evident that they’d like to rebuild their franchise around Kristaps Porzingis and multiple relationships in the organization seem to be on the rocks, the drama is at an all-time high.

But, what if Anthony doesn’t want to leave?

He doesn’t have to since he holds a full no-trade clause, thus allowing him to make the ultimate decision in any potential deal.

While other situations may appeal to him, Al Iannazone of Newsday wrote that Melo’s decision is about more than basketball.


It’s about his family and his hesitation of uprooting their daily lives, especially his 9-year-old son Kiyan from his current school.

‘That’s more about what I care about, my family,’ Anthony told Iannazone following Tuesday’s shootaround. “My son being comfortable in New York at an age now where he’s really getting an opportunity to understand being in New York and having a home there and having friends there. My wife working there and having her opportunities there. I think about that more so than my decision for my career.”

While recent reports have indicated that he’d be willing to waive the no-trade clause in order to join the Los Angeles Clippers, Cleveland Cavaliers or Boston Celtics, he made it very clear that he hasn’t said anything at all.

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“I hear the new report every day. Every day is a new team. Every day is ‘Melo said this, Melo said that.’ Melo hasn’t said anything yet. That’s what I will say, Melo hasn’t said anything.”

This is just another reminder that there’s more to life than just sports.

While Anthony certainly could join a healthier (drama-wise and record-wise) situation elsewhere, his family would be affected. Right now, it’s not known whether or not he’d be willing to make his family follow him out of the Big Apple. 



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