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Kevin Costner says he’s making a new baseball movie about the Cubs

In an interview on Friday with Larry King, baseball movie actor-icon Kevin Costner said he’s "got one more in him" — and it’s about the Chicago Cubs.

Hear a bit more about it from Costner himself:

Waits a beat.

This is cool. Costner’s classics "Field of Dreams," "Bull Durham" and "For Love of the Game," which touch on various aspects and emotions of America’s pastime, all hold up. (The latter doesn’t compare to the other two but it was still entertaining. Let’s be reasonable.)

Of course, Jimmy Fallon’s "Fever Pitch" in 2004 initially had the Boston Red Sox continuing to suffer, but the Farrelly Brothers altered it after the Red Sox shocked the Yankees in the ALCS and went on the break their own curse with a World Series win over the Cardinals.

Here’s how the Farrelly Brothers changed the ending for "Fever Pitch," as explained by Entertainment Weekly:

I digress. We still don’t know exactly where Costner will take the Cubs in this movie. But help us answer this one question:



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