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One Of The Most Underrated Modern Sports Movies Is Getting A Sequel

Goon' is not one of those sports movies that everybody has seen.

No, typically the only people who have seen the movie that stars Sean William Scott (Stifler from American Pie) as a loveable idiot/complete beast of an Ice Hockey enforcer, which if you don't know is the name of the position given to the guy who beats the shite out of people.

'Goon' was not a big budget movie, it didn't hit cinemas over here, and it's not something that typically comes up whenever people talk about sports movies, specifically ones that have been released in the last decade.

But it should be. An 84% score on Rotten Tomatoes shows that the internet loves this film, and when you watch some of the clips and best bits from the 2011 film, you'll see why.

It's what Happy Gilmore would have been if Happy made the team with a splash of a Jason Statham movie thrown in.

Thankfully, the film got enough love over in the States and a sequel has been confirmed for March of next year. There's even a trailer, and we're happy to say it's looking more of the same.
So great news if you're a fan of the original 'Goon', and if you're not, you've got not one but two hilarious Ice Hockey films to look forward to.



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