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Golf Tip: Use Fairway Woods With More Loft

In today’s golf tip, we’ll show you how to improve your game by changing your approach to fairway woods.

This golf tip will help you gain some control over your fairway woods. Using woods with more loft will get you better, more consistent results than you’d get going with longer ones.

This is especially good advice for hilly courses where a well-carried five wood can go farther than a three wood that lands into a hill. When I order new sets for most players, I am sure to include a couple of hybrids, along with a five wood and a seven wood.

You don’t really lose any distance when you choose a slightly shorter fairway wood with more loft. Most people hit shorter clubs more on the sweet spot, so the better contact makes up for any lost distance. There is also less side spin and more backspin, which will curtail the ball’s slice to the right if that is a problem for you.

The smaller fairway wood heads also make it possible to hit more shots out of the rough. The larger clubhead of a three wood can get caught up in the rough, so it’s not always a wise choice if the ball isn’t sitting up in the tall grass.

This golf tip should quickly help you gain confidence — the shorter fairway woods are easier to hit, so you’ll become more consistent. Do yourself a favor and consider getting rid of your three wood and replacing it with a smaller fairway wood! You will get better, more consistent results and save yourself a ton of strokes over time.



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