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Vettel explains decision to overrule Ferrari

Sebastian Vettel has explained his decision to overrule Ferrari's pit-stop judgement during Sunday's European Grand Prix, after he was called in early in the race but opted to stay out.

Vettel started third but quickly moved ahead of Daniel Ricciardo, who then made an early stop, along with team-mate Max Verstappen, as Red Bull suffered with high tyre degradation.

Ferrari responded immediately by calling Vettel into the pits to prevent the 'undercut' from Ricciardo, but the four-time World Champion replied: "Are you sure? The car feels good."

While team-mate Kimi Räikkönen pitted after nine laps, Vettel stayed out until 21/51.

After the race, Vettel said: "Basically, I was called in. We wanted to react to Daniel who pitted, as he was struggling a lot with his tyres; obviously we passed him and then he went into the box.

"But I had a decent feeling, the pace was quite OK. I was asking the team to stay out.

"I maybe saw that Daniel was struggling and that the tyres were not feeling so comfortable in the first six to 10 laps – I was a bit worried that the second stint would be very, very long."

Vettel lost out to Räikkönen in the stops but was allowed to pass to regain second.

"In the end I don't think there was much in it [pitting earlier or later]," he said.

"We lost position to Kimi who undercut us, but we played well as a team to make sure that, when I came out behind him with the fresher tyres, to use the pace and secure second."

Räikkönen took fourth, after being overtaken by Sergio Pérez on the final lap.



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