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NBA Power Rankings: Are San Antonio Spurs For Real?

In this week’s NBA Power Rankings edition, we question the San Antonio Spurs and Tim Duncan‘s impact at his advanced age

Call it a setback, a bump in the road or just a regular season slump – I’ll call it a concern.

You can make the argument that the absence of Tim Duncan is the reason why the San Antonio Spurs have been outclassed during their last two clashes with two of the NBA’s better teams. I just don’t buy it.

Yes, I’ve seen the stats. The ones that say Duncan is the most important part to the Spurs’ defense and how his absence is felt all around. I counter with the fact that it’s never good to rely so heavily – in the way of a 5.3 point better defensive rating when he’s on the court – on a 39-year-old power forward.

The Spurs are now 1-2 against the Cavaliers and Warriors this season. It’s not terrible, considering that San Antonio was without Duncan in the team’s last two losses after beating the Cavs a couple of weeks ago by four.

But if you believe Duncan will makeup for the 30 points that the Warriors beat them by and the other 14 that the Cavs got them by, that’s your prerogative.

I’m just not buying it.

The San Antonio Spurs take a tumble in our latest NBA Power Rankings. Here’s our complete list.



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